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Since filming Overload: America’s Toxic Love Story, people ask me all the time what my favorite household products are. Below are my favorites I use nearly every day.

Pyrex Starter Kit – One of the biggest transformations in my house has been the phasing out of kitchen plastics. They leach endocrine disrupting chemicals into hot foods – both when warm leftovers are loaded in and when they are heated back up. When I leave a restaurant, I ask for my leftovers to be put into foil so they aren’t in plastic or styrofoam and then I bring them home and pop them into Pyrex. Great for reheating – and without the nasty chemmies!

Bon Ami – Who needs a toxic scrub when you can use this incredible product?! Super cheap and available online and at Target, this is one of my favorite nontoxic products on the market – since 1886!

Kleen Kanteen – On my first day of filming Overload, EWG gave me a Kleen Kanteen and it’s been with me every day since. I now have 4 of them in rotation and give them as presents often. Who needs a plastic water bottle leaching chemmies into the water that is supposed to be keeping our bodies clean and hydrated? Single wall bottles are great for room temp and the double wall keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks incredibly cold. Available in a ton of colors and caps. Kleen Kanteens too expensive for you? Find any stainless steel reusable bottle and begin making an impact on the earth and your body.

Calphalon Ceramic Pots and Pans – Not the least expensive set on the market but I have had mine for over 4 years now and, when used with silicone cooking utensils, they really last. Nothing sticks, they are easy to clean, and no Teflon in my food – that’s a definite winning combo!

Round Silicone Cake Pans – I love making cakes and meatloafs but don’t use nonstick pans anymore. Glass can work but can be hard to clean. I found these cake pans and they work super well for all baking needs!

365 Oxygen Whitening – I have to admit, I have always loved bleach, but that’s just not part of this nontoxic mama’s repertoire anymore. I wanted something to perk up my whites and found it! I even use it on colors. It’s a great booster cleaner in the laundry without the smell or toxicity of bleach!

Seventh Generation Multi-Surface Cleaner – Great lemongrass smell. Makes every surface feel and look incredibly clean.

Shark Floor Steamer – I need to keep a clean – chemical-free – floor with a crawling baby. This keeps the toxins off the floor and is super fast and easy to use.

Seventh Generation Trash Bags – I love that these don’t break on the walk to the dumpster (that is NOT a fun pick up!) and that they are made with 65% recycled plastic. It’s not a perfect solution but it’s way better than 100% virgin plastic bags.

Grab Green Laundry Detergent – To be honest, this has been a hard one to find. I wanted something nontoxic but I also wanted to have clean clothes. Everything I had used made it feel like it was just washed with water – until Grab Green. I love their natural scent options too tho unscented is my favorite.

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