Soozie 6 Chemicals

For the past three years, as I have worked on my film and been learning more about the amount of toxins we encounter in our lives, I have been asked what I eat, what makeup I use, and how I clean my home. People say they can’t wait to see my film to find out. In reality though, I want my film to be enjoyable and something you watch, not something you take notes on. In my opinion, there can only be so much information retained after watching a documentary like mine. I realized I needed to have a space that could become a toolkit and resource. A place where I could share the products I use, shortcuts I have figured out and a connection to the resources and orgs that help me to live a cleaner, and greener, life.

Over the coming months, as the film rolls out this site will be built to contain more information – buying guides, lifestyle videos, a shopping area where you can see all of my favorite products. It’s not particularly burdensome to avoid exposures once you know easy ways to do it and the affordable products to use. What started as a desire to see if I could carry less toxins in my body has become a way of life and I look forward to sharing it with you!

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